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Study the bible along with a number of commentaries and references. Search for specific chapters and verses from the tool's interface.

BibleMax is a free program for reading and studying the Holy Bible. Interestinngly, you can add several modules to the core program for enhancing your study of the Scriptures, like different versions of the Bible, including Greek, Hebrew and Latin versions, as well as commentaries and reference texts. Among these, you can find the King James Concordance book. In 1604, King James I of England requested an English translation of the Bible according to the Greek and Hebrew versions with the aim of solving some problems of earlier translations and adjusting the new version to the teachings of the Church of England. The Concordance book is derived rom this version. It includes an alphabetical index of words appearing in the King James version of the Bible. The BibleMax module containing the Concordance includes a Search feature that lets you find any word included in the KJV, as well as other related terms, i.e., if you search for "sheep", the module would also show the results for "shepherd", "fleece" and so on. You will also find the Bible references (book, chapter and verse) for each term. In short, this is a very useful add-in for your BibleMax software.

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